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Foreign Workers Jobs of Hungarians

Foreign Workers Jobs of Hungarians

MMOSZ: Foreign workers save the jobs of Hungarians

The recruitment of Hungarian labor is becoming more critical every year, which is not made easier by the fact that labor migration within the country has almost ceased. The demographic deficit is an inhuman challenge, so the restructuring of the labor market has become inevitable. In addition to good work ethic, perseverance and diligence, the general experience of employing foreigners is a thorough knowledge of our culture – it is revealed based on the MMOSZ survey covering the majority of qualified employers.

“Wages are higher in the western parts of the country, but the cost of living shows an even bigger difference than the wages, so it’s not worth moving to a much more expensive place for a slightly higher wage, which is why labor migration has almost stopped within the country,” says Berta Gábor, office manager, Man at Work. He finds that the demographic deficit is an even bigger problem. “The demographic boomers born between 1947 and 1954 will retire from last year – in the case of women, from 2019. It must be seen that the number of births in Hungary has been at World War I levels for years, i.e. the labor market is becoming more and more deficient every year: for every 150,000 people leaving, there are not even 100,000 people entering from one year to the next.

Foreign Workers Jobs of Hungarians

The next such catastrophic situation can be expected in 18 years, when people born in 1974-1977 will drop out of the labor market.” Based on the above, if the labor market’s absorption capacity does not increase in the coming years, but stagnates, then every year 50,000 people will have to be replaced from somewhere, and this somewhere means in the first step the nearby, neighboring countries, hoping that they are Hungarian-speaking or culturally close we can hire workers, and then we have reached the second step, when we have to reach further in order to maintain the country’s competitiveness.

MMOSZ president Gábor Csizmadia also confirms that the Hungarian economy is facing an unprecedented labor shortage. Their partners primarily look for workers domestically, hiring Hungarians wherever they can, but this is not always possible. The companies operating in our country are open to employing foreign workers because Hungarians have either run out of jobs in the professions that are in short supply, or they do not apply for the given job. “Many unfilled jobs are against the country’s interest in the long term, since if production companies that are important for the performance of the national economy cannot fulfill their commitments due to a lack of labor, they may even move their locations to a country where workers are available in greater numbers. The foreigners who come to us help maintain stability and the preservation of jobs, preserving the jobs of existing employees.”

Foreign workers go through a very strong filter, the exit conditions with which the local authority allows someone to go to work abroad are extremely strict, many professional and human aspects have to be met. It is also important to point out that nationality does not determine who receives what salary, but employees receive their salary based on the job position, according to the rules of equivalence determined in accordance with the Labor Code and based on the wage scale currently in force at the given borrower/employer. The primary added value of those coming from third countries is that those who employ them increase the performance of the company, the company can continue to prosper because it can fulfill its order stock. In this way, jobs will remain for everyone – Hungarians and foreigners alike.

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