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New visa rules have come into force in UAE

New visa rules have come into force in UAE

The approval in April was billed as one of the biggest changes to immigration policy in years

Abu Dhabi (Urdu Point News Latest. 05 September 2022) New visa rules governing the way people can work and live in the United Arab Emirates came into effect today, Monday, September 5. Approved by the cabinet in April, The National reports, they are among the biggest changes to the country’s immigration policy in years, including longer-visit visas for tourists, longer-term visas for desirable professionals, and more. Easier access to residency and the 10-year Golden Visa scheme are among the key changes.

Golden Visa Services has a dedicated portal on the federal immigration website, no cost of this visa has been released yet but some visa aspirants are required to submit a fee between 1,500 and some 2,000 dirhams.

New visa rules have come into force in UAE

The Cabinet also approved the “Executive Regulations” of the Federal Decree on the Entry and Residence of Aliens, which created new visas and formally approved others such as the Golden Visa Residency System, which had already been implemented. Yes, many details have been made public over the past 18 months, but the new elements include that the UAE entry visit visa for many tourists will now be valid for 60 days instead of 30 days. Vacationers will be able to enjoy longer trips and those staying in the region will have more time.

Golden Visa

The country’s leaders want to attract more skilled professionals, with backgrounds in medicine and science, the brightest students and tech-savvy minds to live in the emirate, seeking wealthy investors, entrepreneurs and company owners. If done, officials hope they will put down roots in the emirate, invest in property and make the country their long-term home.

A wide range of 10 visa categories can benefit many residents and people planning to make the country home.There are several visa categories aimed at groups, including Golden Visas, who was first approved at the end of 2020 and in the first year 44 thousand visas were issued in Dubai alone. Vijay Walecha, chief investment officer at Century Financial Consultancy, said that the Golden Visa for real estate ownership of AED 2 million is definitely a big draw for the middle and upper classes to invest in the UAE through real estate or other sources. It will be promoted.

Green Visa

In the middle income bracket are green visas, which are for skilled workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals, these visas grant the visa holder 5 years of residency, an applicant needs to pay AED 15,000 per month to qualify. salary and requires a bachelor’s degree in certain skilled fields, including science, law, education, culture or the social sciences.

Someone with a two- or three-year commercial license for freelance work may find this option attractive but the cost has yet to be determined, however green visa holder relatives can stay for up to 5 years. can sponsor, earlier this was usually allowed for two years.

Visa for job seekers

Many recent graduates are looking to get their first taste of employment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It may benefit those who want to move to the Emirates or join family here.

In particular, it could benefit people from countries that require a visa to pay in advance for a flight, including India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh, officials said, noting that job seekers How long is the visa valid for but earlier the period was 6 months, when it was demanded before the pandemic.

It primarily aims to attract “young talent and skilled professionals”, with recent graduates from the world’s top 500 universities included in this category.

Family Sponsorship Visa

Last year, authorities allowed parents to support their sons until they turned 25. The decision in April reaffirms this and adds new provisions, allowing parents of disabled children to become adults. In allowing sponsorship, parents can continue sponsoring their unmarried daughters till any age.

Cases coming up on humanitarian grounds

A residence permit will be issued to a female resident whose husband has died and has one or more children, it will also apply to parents of children of UAE nationals who have Have foreign passports.

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